Julien Lebutte

Microsoft Techdays 2015

Posté le 12 février 2015 par Julien.


As in previous years, I had the chance to participate in Techdays in Paris. This event is always a good opportunity to meet many of the members of the French community about Microsoft.

This year, Windows 10 was the star and most sessions were intended to familiarize professionals with the innovations introduced by the new operating system. For example, one of the most interesting sessions was the one about the next browser (Code Name: Spartan). This is a personal opinion, but I think Microsoft has done a great job with this next product. What impressed me most is undoubtedly its dual operating mode:

  • The new engine (Edge) which aims to quickly implement the standards for the majority of users.
  • Former Internet Explorer engine which can be activated automatically when a company has an intranet using old applications.

This trick allows companies to get a regularly updated browser while maintaining compatibility with their applications. Several other innovations were also presented, including the audio management in the new browser (via Web Audio).

Attracted by the web development, Microsoft’s new browser is good news for me and I hope the quality will be accompanied by frequent updates. If I‘m not mistaken, David Catuhe (Principal Program Manager for HTML5 and Open Web Standards at Microsoft Corp.) told that we can expect to have very frequent updates for Edge part as do Firefox and Chrome (+/- 1 month between each version) while keeping a long cycle for the other side. Besides a new and modern engine, other features are expected around the Spartan project : extensions, HTTP/2, …

The whole presentation was done with demonstrations using Babylon.js. This is a 3D engine in javascript developed by several employees of Microsoft France. Year after year, demonstrations are breathtaking and this session was no exception to the rule because David Catuhe and David Rousset presented a new stage of their engine to showcase the innovations of the Spartan project : the Mansion.


Another session showed how to develop Minecraft in Javascript based Babylon.js. The project will become open source to develop a community around an adaptation of the game on the web.

We look forward to Microsoft unveils this new browser, even if it’s already possible to test the new Edge engine in the preview of Internet Explorer :)

In parallel to the technical sessions, the sessions « Coding 4 Fun » and « Geek in da house » are unavoidable during Techdays. There are two sessions given by enthusiasts with the aim to be less serious after a day of learning and, each time, it’s a moment of pure relaxation. This year, the team used the recent changes in their lives to achieve a very fun performance including a browser for their daughter that protects her from the Internet or home automation services which is increasingly sophisticated every year.

More than anything, it’s the meeting with the members of the various communities that I appreciate during Techdays. Microsoftees, MVP’s, MSP’s communicate and help each other every day through various channels of communication and Techdays of Paris allow these people to meet and put faces to the names frequently encountered.

I look forward to the Techdays 2016! :)